The Mount Lemmon Sky Valley is now open. The Mt. Lemmon area is accessible. Bring chains in case it stormed the day before. Some days, cars will not be allowed up the mountain without chains. Read More.

Take a tour up the mountain with the publisher of AZentertain. Begin tour.

Road Condition Information. The construction still continues, so check ahead to make sure there are no delays or closures. Contact information.

Ski Touring Arizona

By Dougald Bremner

Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

From the Desert Sands
to the Forest Snow

Mt. Lemmon Ski Open

Information about Mount Lemmon

Virtual Tour of Mt. Lemmon

Fees to Use Mt. Lemmon

Mt. Lemon Skiing Info

The foothills of the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, AZ. begins the hour long journey to the top of the hill known as Mt. Lemmon (also spelt as Mt. Lemon, Mount Lemmon and Mount Lemon).

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Squeezing the Lemmon II...
more juice
than ever:

A rock climber's guide to the Mt. Lemmon Highway,
Tucson, Arizona

by Eric Fazio-Rhicard

Tucson Hiking Guide

(2nd Edition)
By Betty Leavengood